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Amy Laurent Reviews A MODERN DIVORCE - How you can Start Over Smart


ONE OF THE BEST EXPOS I'VE DONE.  Why? Purely the message. When it's truly right (painstakingly) to split, you will certainly have clarified many times over in your mind the reason why it's the best choice. And no, it's not an easy choice. It's also certainly one that's not taken lightly.  Yet once you have decided and to START OVER SMART- here is where the next chapter of this short life begins.

So what happens after this? The new chapter, or what I like to call the "TRUE CHAPTER", is a space where you are fully able to love your family, to still be a great co-parent and role model for your children, while remaining true to yourself as a human being. What a concept!

Regardless of their decisions, it's actually the same love you would want your own children to have or be given the opportunity to have in this lifetime.. an honest purpose in life for being with the right person.
Whatever guilt a parent may have, it's understandable. Yet if you have made this decision in the best and most genuine way possible, then please do yourself a favor and try to throw bit by small bit of the leftover guilt out the window over time. You deserve to show your children the love they should give themselves.  They are an extension of you.  Remember, life ultimately is short.  In the BIG PICTURE, there is always something to be grateful for - including this "True Chapter" with all its trials and feelings.  Here is where it all begins, not ends.

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