Happy Clients

  • Not only did you find me someone drop dead gorgeous, but we both have similar upbringings (traditional families) and many similar interests. We also followed similar paths in our professional careers. With all of these things in common, there was an immediate connection. Hiring you was the best thing I ever did, Amy! Mark L, Santa Monica, CA
  • Finally, a true bonafide matchmaker with great ladies! Congrats on all the success. Prescott S., Miami Florida & NYC
  • What can I say? My experience has been very easy, fluid. I wasn't sure what to expect and I don't really have time to waste on the wrong women. Hiring Amy as my matchmaker has probably been one of the wiser things I've done lately. Makes me wish I had done it sooner. Enjoying the process with you, all my best Amy. Stefano A., Manhattan, NY
  • I'm having a great experience with your service. The girls have been everything and more you promised. GREAT WORK Amy, I look forward to seeing your continued (and well deserved) success! Adam K, New York
  • Amy, I have truly been impressed by your work and will be your referral anytime. Point blank, you really have a knack for this! I am happy to say I just had one of the best dates I've ever been on. The conversation was fun and natural. All the women thus far you have introduced me to have been gorgeous with awesome personalities. This latest I have to say was the best fit yet. Consider me another happy customer! Andrew K. Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Had I known Amy existed earlier, I would have done this a long time ago. Talk about cutting to the chase and an excellent screening process! It's been over 8 months now that I've been with my girlfriend and I owe it to Amy and her staff. They really focused on setting up great dates and knew exactly what I wanted from day one. My girlfriend was the fourth woman I met through this service and I haven't had to go out on another first date since. I've recommended a colleague and a buddy to this service and would tell any single guy out there that hiring Amy was pretty much the smartest move I could have done - hands down.Jeffrey G., Greenwich CT


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