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UPDATE:  WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE  OUR 5TH ENGAGEMENT JUST ANNOUNCED THIS YEAR SO FAR IN 2015!!!  AND COUNTING! It's only October, and we have also had the great pleasure of 3 amazing client weddings this year since January.  

Truly blessed and SO thrilled for everyone!!!!!!

As a new season rolls around and dating gets into a high gear - I'm excited to also see all of the great potential with our new incoming clients. What we work so hard towards on a daily basis for our clients all stems back to the same thing:  

At some point, dating becomes more then just dating different people and random brief relationships.  It's about meeting someone you trust and respect, someone you are attracted to AND can envision a future with! 

With permission to share some feedback forms, thanks guys - let’s continue to make some awesome matches all the way through to NYE 2016!   

- XO Amy







Feedback form



Length of your date:
2 ½ hours

How well would you say your date went overall for a first date? 
About as good as a first date could go.

Do you plan to see her again?
Yes – we are seeing each other again Thursday night.

How well would you say the conversation went overall on your date? 
Conversation went great, she has the kind of personality and sense of humor that appear to be what I usually look for.

How was her personality with yours?
She has a little spunk which I like and she seemed to be able to handle mine with some of her own.

What could have been improved?
The restaurant was jammed packed so a little noisy.

What would you say clicked well between each other? What did you like about her?
I think we both felt chemistry – our personalities seem to work well with each other. She seems to like a lot of the same things I do including trying new things/adventures, letting loose a little, giving back to the community, similar interests and there was a lot of easy laughter. 
I would have to think long and hard to find something I didn’t like... I am optimistic to see where it leads.

Further comments (optional): Great job Amy :o)







Conversation came easily. We had a good flow of conversation on the phone beforehand and was even better in person. We joked around quite a bit so she gets my sense of humor which is nice. The date seemed to just continue on from the good initial first phone call. In a nutshell? Nothing to provide in feedback other then I would consider this a match well done Miss Matchmaker. What do I like about her? Good conversation, attractive, sexy, flirts, intelligent. I'd be interested in knowing what she thought. Thanks Amy!








Feedback form


Name of your date:    Ann

Place you met and time/date:  Gramercy Tavern

Length of your date:  2.5 hrs

How do you say your date went overall?  I would say went very well. She is a very high energy woman who is smart and very engaging.  I thought she was incredibly attractive as you promised!

Do you plan to see her again?  I hope that's a yes?! I’d like to see her again and get to know her even more.

How did the conversation  go?  I thought it was lively and animated. She laughs a lot and has a terrific smile- and she seemed to enjoy it.

What could have been improved?  Not sure. For a two hour first date, I think it went well and we both were ourselves.

What did you like about her?  I like that she had such a strong passion for her work and talked a lot about family and friends.  I’d like to learn more about her as a person and this was an excellent match by far.







Last night as you know we our first date and she is AMAZING. I've had some really nice dates so far through you and very happy with them, but this one may be the best so far - fun, easy, interesting, intriguing, amazing chemistry ... And scary how much we have in common! How you know the intangible 'it-factor' of who fits with who is unknown, but I'm grateful to have decided to go on this venture with you-  Screw online dating LOL- I know better now!   Thanks Amy! This one feels really nice - we'll see what happens. THANK YOU Amy. Great job.







(feedback form)

Name of your date:  Melanie

Place you met and time/date:  Met for drinks @ Nobu in Malibu, and rolled into dinner there.  She is fun to hang out with and has a great personality.  Definitely want to get out again, and made this clear to her.

Length of your date: 3 hours or so

How do you say your date went overall?  great

Do you plan to see her again? yes

How did the conversation  go? Very easy, fluid

How was her personality with yours? I think it was a great match

What could have been improved? I don’t really think anything

What did you like about her? I think what really worked for me me is she seems very down to earth, funny, witty.  Extremely attractive.  Passionate about her job and family.  Not pretentious at all.

Further comments:  Overall great experience and we have already made plans to meet up over the weekend.  Thanks Amy!







Feedback form



Name of your date:    Elizabeth

Place you met and time/date:    Aria wine bar & Il Buco, 7:30pm

Length of your date: 3.5 hours

How do you say your date went overall?   We both enjoyed it — she picked Aria which turned out to be a great wine bar, then we had dinner downstairs at Il Buco which was really romantic.  Conversation was seamless, I really enjoyed the time we spent together.  We hit it off.

Do you plan to see her again?  yes

How did the conversation go?  The conversation was fun and natural.  Overall I would say best I could hope for. She’s both charming and very engaging

How was her personality with yours?  In all honesty, a really good fit.

What could have been improved?  Not too much, it was low key but really one of the best dates I’ve ever been on.

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